Why do you choose to live well?


To kick off the 2014 wellness program, each SPPS employee will receive a wellness lanyard in the upcoming weeks. These lanyards are intended to serve as a daily reminder of what is motivating you to make healthy choices in 2014.

These lanyards will symbolize a year-long wellness campaign in which we encourage you to think about and share why health is so important to you.  If you visit wellness.spps.org and tell us what is motivating you to live well, your name will be placed in a drawing to receive a prize and a chance to be featured in the Bridge.

Maybe you’re getting ready for a big event this year, like a graduation, wedding or retirement. Maybe you have children and grandchildren that you want to keep up with. Whatever it is that is driving you toward better health, we want to hear about it, because at SPPS we care about you and your health no matter where you are in reaching your health and wellness goals.

Get the conversation started today… ask your co-workers why they CHOOSE to LIVE WELL!