Dear Colleagues,

What a winter this has been! Our calendar committee wisely created a school calendar that built in five extra days so that we wouldn’t have to make up any lost school days. But, as you know, we had to close schools for a sixth day on February 21. Unbelievable!

Most of you have heard by now that June 9 is now Saint Paul Public Schools' make-up day. This allows students to meet state requirements for the minimum number of instructional days in one school year. It will also be our final day of school.

Why June 9?
Truly, there wasn’t an ideal alternative date. Here is why we decided on June 9:

  • We considered making up the day on one of the two already scheduled teacher professional development days (March 3 and April 18). While this seemed easy on the surface, it wasn’t:
    • March 3 didn’t give staff or families enough time to plan.
    • April 18 would not work for all schools, because some schools chose to move their professional development up to an earlier date, so were not scheduled to work on April 18.
  • We discussed simply adding 10 minutes a day until we made up the extra day, but a temporary scheduling change in a district this size wasn’t feasible.
  • The two remaining alternatives were spring break or extending the end of the year by one day. Neither was ideal, so we chose the one that gave families the most time to plan.

Other facts you should know about our June 9 make-up day
We understand that families may already have summer plans or day camps set up for June 9, so their students may not be able to attend school. If they follow their school’s policy for reporting absences, please excuse those students.

Teachers: Your teaching contract specifies 187 duty days. June 9 is the 187th day. The grading window will be kept open until June 13.

The decision to include all grade levels, rather than just secondary, limits confusion for families, and allows us to leverage operational resources (building, nutrition services, transportation, etc.) that are in use that day.

You may also get questions about the following issues:

  • Graduation ceremonies will be held and celebrated on the already scheduled dates.
  • The last day for high school seniors, May 30, will not be affected.
  • PreK students are not scheduled to attend school on June 9.
  • Discovery Club will be open on June 9, just like a normal school day.

We have learned a valuable scheduling lesson from our experience this year. Our first choices for make-up days next year will be those professional development dates in March and April, which were impossible this year. Not using those dates just doesn’t make sense to our larger community.

Thanks for your patience, my friends. Enjoy the spring.


Valeria Silva