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Why did Saint Paul Public Schools begin using Teachers on Call to hire substitute teachers?
Saint Paul Public Schools previously hired substitute teachers directly. Beginning Aug. 1, 2014, the district began contracting with Teachers on Call because the need for substitutes has increased beyond what the district can manage alone. SPPS needed 200 or more substitute teachers more than 40 percent of the time in the 101 school days from Jan. 2 through May 31 in 2014.

Teachers on Call began working with SPPS to improve the substitute fill rate, which is the number of substitutes provided daily divided by the number of substitutes needed daily. By improving the fill rate, the instructional experience for students will be improved overall.

With Teachers on Call, substitutes will be paid based on the rates previously offered by SPPS. In addition, substitutes are eligible for benefits through Teachers on Call. Substitute teachers will no longer be able to contribute their own dollars for retirement on a pretax basis. Only SPPS retirees will receive a district contribution.