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Fund for Teachers applications due THIS THURSDAY
Fund for Teachers (FFT) provides educators with resources to pursue self-designed professional learning experiences. FFT grants can be used for an unlimited variety of projects, all designed to create enhanced learning environments for teachers, their students and their school communities.

Applicants must:

  • Be employed full-time as a PreK-12 teacher and spend at least 50 percent of their work week in direct instruction with students in a classroom orclassroom-like setting;
  • Intend to continue teaching in the consecutive school year;
  • Have at least three years teaching experience as a teacher for grades PreK-12; and
  • Not have won an FFT fellowship in the last five years.

Individuals can apply for up to $5,000 and teams can apply for up to $10,000. Team members can be from different schools, districts or states; however, all members must meet the eligibility criteria. Upon award, fellows will receive 90 percent of their grant, the remaining 10 percent will be reimbursed after completing the post-fellowship requirements.

The grants team’s Lisa van der Steur is available to read and offer suggestions on your application. Contact her at 767-8108 or lisa.vandersteur@spps.org.

Awesome Foundation
"The Awesome Foundation is a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1,000 at a time," according to the group. This is a collection of local individuals giving gifts of $1,000 per month to "awesome" projects -- and YOU define what awesome means. Former SPPS communications director Su Yeager is one of the trustees; she encourages SPPS teachers to apply using the easy online application.

Grants Facebook group offers advice, grant opportunities
Join the SPPS Grants Facebook group for late-breaking teacher funding opportunities and helpful dialog with other SPPS staff. Join the group and stay connected

Teachers: Apply for Saint Paul Retired Teachers, Inc. scholarship
Saint Paul Retired Teachers, Inc. (SPRTI) is offering 10 scholarships, worth $3,000 each, for the 2015-16 school year. The award is available to licensed, tenured staff enrolled in a graduate program this school year. To access the application, visit www.staff.spps.org/scholarship.html.


The application deadline is Jan. 29. Email applications to Deirdre Hagstrom at rdlkhagstr@msn.com. Scholarship winners will be notified in March.