Gordon Parks’ Paul Creager heads to India on a Fulbright Scholarship
Gordon Parks High School curriculum and media arts coordinator Paul Creager is traveling to India for six months as part of a Fulbright Scholarship. Creager will work with Video Volunteers, whose mission is to empower marginalized communities through film. Creager said he hopes to help more students use film and photography to engage with their community.

“When I think about the schools of the future, I see an evolution where schools become more civically-engaged and directly connected with the taxpayer audience through student curriculum experiences that are viewable online," Creager said. “Students at Gordon Parks High School tell us that this kind of classroom experience makes school relevant and meaningful. To reach this future, nonprofits like Video Volunteers play an integral role, because they possess valuable organizational and production know how. Educators can translate this info to schools.”

When Creager returns, he plans to share his findings about supporting filmmaking for students and staff in SPPS and other school districts.

Harding basketball team shows great sportsmanship at Stewartville game
Kudos to the exemplary sportsmanship displayed by the Harding Senior High boys basketball team. Following a recent game against Stewartville, Harding’s coach received this letter from a Stewartville High School coach:

“My name is Kasey Morlock and I am the 9th grade boys coach for Stewartville. I was also on the bench for the varsity game. At the end of the game, one of our players came in for the last minute. Bailey is a special kid with special needs, he gets into very few games. As you know, he happened to hit not one but two shots in 50 seconds.  

“I am just not sure you saw what happened in the line after the game. I was right behind Bailey and the Harding boys were hugging Bailey, giving him high fives and chest bumps. One player hugged him so hard he lifted him off the ground. It brought tears to my eyes. They were so excited for him, and they realized how special it was. I think that shows a lot about your team's character. Good job, you should be very proud.”