Photos: Farnsworth students travel to Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala.
Students at Farnsworth Aerospace recently traveled to Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala. Students in sixth and eighth grade took the trip from Nov. 8-13.

The sixth-graders participated in training activities for spaceflight and performed mock missions in space while flying spacecraft models. They also received intense briefings about space history, physiology and physics of space travel.
The eighth-graders worked with an Air Force fighter jet model. They learned about physics and the physiology of flying within the earth's atmosphere at high speeds. They participated in team-building activities and learned about structures and discipline in the armed forces.

The Space Camp staff were impressed by the Farnsworth students' backgrounds in aerospace and their enthusiasm for the subject and learning, said David Barrett, aerospace and engineering instructor at Farnsworth. “We are proud of our students and our school,” he said.

Harding football player gives Vikings Community Captain Award to Children’s Hospital
Former Minnesota Vikings football player EJ Henderson recently presented Harding Senior High School student Andrew Haldeman with the Vikings Community Captain award.

Andrew is a senior and a football player at Harding. He received one of the 10 captain awards, which were distributed statewide. A student at Humboldt also received the award.

Andrew received a signed Vikings football and a $1,000 check for the charity of his choice. He chose to give the donation to the Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.

Speech-Language Pathologist at Focus Beyond speaks at national convention
Kudos to Deanna Morrow, a Speech-Language Pathologist at Focus Beyond, for presenting a session on “Paraprofessionals’ Perceived Barriers to Supporting AAC in the School Setting” at the 2015 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention.

The convention, which was on Nov. 14 in Denver, is the premier annual professional education event for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists with more than 12,000 attendees, according to the organization’s website.

BOE recognizes new SPPS Student Advisory Team
The SPPS Board of Education recognized the new Student Advisory Team at the board’s regular meeting on Nov. 17. The Student Advisory Team will work on projects assigned by the board and SPPS administration, as well as projects suggested by their peers.

The group, comprised of 13 SPPS students, will serve as a pilot for future teams. The students on the Advisory Team are:

  • Astrid Steiner-Manning, Central, 10th grade
  • Isabel Riemer, Highland, 12th grade
  • Keith Eicher, Como, 12th grade
  • Kyeh Paw, Washington, 10th grade
  • Marcelus Ifonlaja, Harding, 12th grade
  • Mikhail Prasolov, Highland, 12th grade
  • Rogelio Salinas, Highland, 12th grade
  • Ruby Sutton, Central, 11th grade
  • Serena Jing, Central 11th grade
  • Serene Lewis, Highland 10th grade
  • Skyler Kuczaboski, Harding, 10th grade
  • Xe Chang, Highland, 12th grade
  • Zoe Sblendoriogiebel, Como, 12th grade

BOE recognizes fall student athletes, coaches
The SPPS Board of Education recognized fall student athletes and their coaches at the board’s regular meeting on Nov. 17. Read more about the athletes and coaches in the SPPS board book. The list of athletes recognized included:

Middle schools

  • Highland Park Middle School girls soccer team was city champion.
  • Murray Middle School volleyball team was city champion.
  • Washington Middle School boys soccer team was city champion.
  • Washington Middle School flag football team was city champion.

Central High School

  • Boys cross-country athlete Ammanuel Roba was a State Qualifier
  • Football team was city champion
  • Boys soccer team was city champion
  • Girls soccer team was city champion
  • Girls swim team was city champion
  • Girls tennis player Zoe Klass-Warch was a State Qualifier

Como Park Senior High School

  • Boys cross-country runner Innocent Murwanashyaka was a State Qualifier
  • Boys soccer team was a State Qualifier
  • Volleyball team was city champion

Harding Senior High School

  • Girls tennis team was city champion

Highland Park Senior High School

  • The boys cross-country team was city champion.
  • Boys cross-country runners Micah Mather and Abram Donovan were state qualifiers.
  • The girls cross-country team was city champion

SPPS staff, student featured last week in ‘I Am SPPS’
The “I Am SPPS” campaign shares photos and quotes from SPPS students, staff, families and supporters. The campaign can be found on Facebook, Twitter and spps.org/iamspps.

Last week “I Am SPPS” featured:

  • Shaun Walsh, SPPS Community Education Program Manager
  • Diamond, a student at Johnson Senior High School