Tim Leone-Getten, teacher at Open World Learning (OWL), was awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB) Learning Grant. Students at OWL will be partnering with In the Heart of the Beast Theater to write, create and perform a puppet show on the life and work of Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers. 

A coalition of SPPS arts magnets (Linwood Monroe Arts Plus, Mississippi Creative Arts and Saint Paul Music Academy) also won an Arts Learning grant from MSAB to create and publicly perform art as practiced by cultures prominent in SPPS.

Joshua Kohn, teacher from Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet School, attended the Honeywell Green Boot Camp in San Diego, California in June 2013. Joshua was one of 71 middle school teachers chosen from across the country to participate in this workshop. The Green Boot Camp is a hands-on interactive education experience that combines a variety of sustainability and renewable energy topics. The curriculum focuses on exercises that will get students excited about science and engineering and enable them to understand sustainable practices that will positively affect their families, schools and communities.