From the Superintendent: Thank You Teachers, for Your Dedication




It’s the time of year when “cabin fever” can infect adults and children alike. I hope the three-day weekend provided you with an opportunity to put up your feet, get some extra sleep, or do something fun with people you love.


In my recent school visits I have been reminded of how much love I see in our buildings, every time I visit.


I witness empathy. Patience. High standards. High expectations.


I believe love is what brings most of us to education. We love our subjects, and we love our scholars.


As urban educators, we work with students whose lives are hard. For some of our kids, the best part of their life happens with us. Each day we sustain them, literally and figuratively, with two meals, warm surroundings, and a stubborn belief in their innate ability to learn.


As firmly as I believe in anything, I believe that SPPS teachers love their work, their schools, and their students. Our buildings, in contrast to the picture so often painted in the media, are places where kids feel and are safe -- because the adults around them truly care, and truly want what’s best for them.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your energy, dedication, long hours, short lunches and sleepless nights.


In the coldest part of the year, warm yourself with the knowledge that you are doing exceptional and vital work. With love.


Your very proud Superintendent,


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Valeria Silva