From the Superintendent: There is still time to let the legislature hear your voice


Dear Colleagues,

As we await scheduling of the special session that will decide the state’s education budget -- and help determine our SPPS budget for the coming year -- we continue to explore various funding scenarios.

We currently have a budget proposal that is balanced on the back of about $20 million in reductions. If the legislature is able to move to the Governor’s spending target, we will be able to restore some of the proposed reductions. In fact, if the legislature moves to a 2 percent formula increase we expect, at a minimum, an additional $4.3 million.

There is still time to contact your legislator and make your voice heard. I have said it before: democracy is not a spectator sport. With seven days of the school year remaining, take a few moments to urge the legislature to adequately fund public education.

Even in this time of fiscal uncertainty, we still have work to do -- like preparing to send off our graduating class of 2015. I am always energized seeing the excitement and pride on our students’ faces as they don their cap and gown and prepare to walk across the stage. It is a moment that our students and families have been waiting for since they first entered our kindergarten classrooms.

High school graduation is not just a celebration of our students’ accomplishments. Each name read and each diploma handed out represents countless hours of work and support that you, our teachers, have provided to each of our young people. Our students’ success is our success.

The end of the school year brings a unique combination of exhaustion and exhilaration for teachers. In the midst of this, I hope you can step back and think about all you have done for our current and future graduates. Without you, all the upcoming graduation celebrations would not be possible.

Your Proud Superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva