From the Superintendent: A spring and summer of celebrations and enrichment


Dear Colleagues,

May has come, and as we get closer to the end of the school year the celebrations have begun. Within a month SPPS will graduate more than 2,000 high school seniors. We will honor many of them with events and recognition ceremonies, including the Celebration of Excellence on Sunday, May 17th.

Every year at the Celebration of Excellence, I hear top graduates offer incoming freshmen words of wisdom, like this:

Do not be afraid to ask for help. It is perfectly okay to not understand what you are doing; that is what school is for!

Your teachers, guidance counselors, and other school staff are indispensable resources. Get to know them as best you can because they can inspire you and help you out in ways you didn't think possible.

These words remind me how important we are. We are the adults our students trust, the adults who nurture them, the adults who make sure they have exceptional school experiences. Thank you.

We have many other activities, events and celebrations for our families and students of all ages coming up this month. Thank you for planning and participating in these activities, and for making our families feel so welcomed and our students so proud.

These events are also a great opportunity to promote our summer programs, known collectively as S-Term.

Our students benefit tremendously from the opportunity to attend summer programs and reduce summer learning loss. Please help me change the perception that S-Term is only for those students who didn’t do well during the regular school year. S-Term presents enrichment opportunities from which many students can take advantage.

Enjoy the better weather and keep teaching with the passion you bring to your classrooms every day.

Your very proud Superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva