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As I review the nonsense that has occurred within our federal government over this past month, I can’t help but think that our legislators have provided us all with a multitude of “teachable moments.” 

Most of our country’s leaders are undoubtedly very bright, educated men and women. But what about their so-called “soft skills” -- the ability to work with others, to accept differences, to empathize, to trust and to compromise? If these skills had been in play more generously in Washington, D.C., would we be in the place we are today?

I hope our educators -- especially those working with our older students -- will take time to share and engage with our students about how the most powerful country in the world could get itself in this situation.

But these lessons don’t stop at our students. We can all take them to heart as we go about our business in supporting student learning. I encourage us all to reflect on the following thoughts as we interact with colleagues, vendors and other stakeholders:

  • We’re all on the same side. There is no “we” and “they.” We are ALL working on behalf of SPPS students, so let’s work in concert rather than against one another.
  • Our resources are shared and limited. They’ve been distributed as equitably as we know how. Can it be done better? It’s possible. So we must come together with solutions on how to do that, rather than with criticisms that simply destroy the current system. 
  • Assume good intentions. We simply must start there, because to do otherwise shuts out possibilities and creative alliances.
  • Think outside the box. Understand that not everyone comes at a given situation from your frame of reference. Gather multiple perspectives, considering especially points of view different than your own. That’s the best way to construct the most creative solution.

We are constantly assessing the financial ramifications of this federal government shutdown and will share new information as soon as we have it. Let’s hope for creative solutions that will benefit our students and families. 

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva