From the Superintendent: The foundations you are building with students are paying off


Dear Colleagues:

It’s all about relationships.

I say this often when talking about what is required to raise academic achievement in our schools. The relationship between teachers and students can make the difference between a child who wants to learn and one who tunes out. When students have a sense of a teacher’s heart, that they truly care about and know the student, many difficult situations can be turned around.

But classrooms certainly aren’t the only place that relationships are important.

Relationships are the reason that I was asked to testify at the legislature last week in support of a bill that would raise the compulsory school attendance age from 17 to 18 years of age. I also testified in support of a bill that would fund Universal all-day pre-K programs.

And relationships are what are being built during my Sharing with the Supt meetings with area staff. I am deeply grateful for the time staff are taking to meet with me and share their ideas and concerns about how we work in SPPS. These are also great opportunities for staff to share ideas with each other, building relationships across the district.

Hopefully this week we’ll see some results of our work to build relationships on behalf of our students when graduation rates for last year are announced by the Minnesota Department of Education. Then we can move our high school students closer to knowing what they'll do after graduation by encouraging them to attend next week’s “Thinking College Early Fair.”

It’s the last week in February, friends. Make it a good one.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva