From the Superintendent: Looking Forward to 'Sharing with the Supt'


Dear Colleagues:

We all love a day off, but I hope many of you also took a moment to reflect on the reason for our holiday yesterday -- the leadership of our country. Similarly in education, leadership is key, whether we’re talking about our district, our schools or our classrooms.

As the leader of this amazing school district, I look forward to seeing some of you at my “Sharing with the Supt” session at Johnson Senior High School this Thursday, Feb. 19. Area A staff are welcome at either session, but we’re holding one at 2:30 p.m., right after senior high dismisses -- and another at 4:15 p.m. for elementary teachers in Area A who have a later end to their school days.

As important as classroom leadership is to meeting our students’ learning needs, so too are the people who substitute teach when our educators are unavailable. I’m happy to report that Teachers on Call has increased their substitute pool and in January our “sub fill rate” (the percentage of educator absences we’ve successfully filled with substitute teachers) was 96%. Substitute teachers are such a blessing.

On a typical day in a school district this large, between 170-180 classrooms require substitutes. When substitutes can’t be found -- and substitute teachers are scarce around the whole country -- other educators carry the weight by filling in for their colleagues and missing prep time. Thank you to the committed teachers who help their colleagues out when needed.

I also want to recognize that we are entering National School Board Week (Feb. 16-20), and take this opportunity to thank our seven school board members for their dedication and leadership. Your actions matter, too. Thank you all.

Have a wonderful week, my friends.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva