From the Superintendent: What NAAPID means to SPPS


Dear Colleagues,

Today, Feb. 9, is National African American Parent Involvement Day. It is a day that we join thousands of other schools and parents throughout the country to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of schools and parents partnering together for their child’s education. What makes NAAPID so special in Saint Paul Public Schools is that we encourage all parents to participate in activities at the schools.

We are expecting hundreds of parents throughout the district to visit their child’s school today. Some of our families may need additional support but all parents want the same thing that you and I want for our children. As parents come through our doors today, I ask that you remember that every parent wants their child to achieve, thrive and succeed.

I would like to thank you for the continuous hard work you do for all of our students and families. As I visit the schools and meet with parents and members of the community, I see and hear about the great work and commitment that all of you have for our students and their families.


Speaking of NAAPID, it takes place during the nationally recognized Black History Month. Personally I prefer to look beyond a single month, week or day to recognize our different cultural backgrounds. Every day is Black History Day, just as every culture should celebrate its own heritage every day.

That said: Given what we know from our own data, I continue to challenge all of us to stay focused on our racial equity goals — and to continue to look at our daily challenges through that racial equity lens. We are making strides, as shown with this recent data from our Research, Evaluation and Assessment team:

Your work does matter, and makes a difference in our students’ lives.


And finally: Some good news to share.

We learned last week from our Human Resources team that we are now staffing substitute teachers at a 90 percent or higher fill rate (and most days actually higher than 95 percent) through Teachers on Call. (On average, we need approximately 175 to 200 substitute teachers per day).

In January, Teachers on Call filled 3,367 assignments, which was a 13 percent increase from the number of assignments filled in January of 2014.

Thank you for being so flexible as we have worked through the challenges of filling these positions earlier this year. You have risen to the occasion and remained focused on our mission — teaching our children.

I thank you all again for the hard work that you do.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva