From the Superintendent: Looking forward to a bright and prosperous 2015


Dear Colleagues:

I always find it interesting to hear people talk about the new year and if they should or shouldn’t make resolutions. Should we strive for self-improvement, or accept who we are today? Hopefully the break provided you with the time for reflection to make that decision, and 2015 is off to a great start for you.

As with many things in this world, I suspect there’s not really a right or wrong way to start a new year. Most important is the examination of today and a recognition of where one wants to be tomorrow.

I believe public education lives in a constant ebb and flow of change and that we must adjust our practice accordingly. Education is often a mirror of the world around us, yet also leads us into the future.

Saint Paul Public Schools is well positioned for that march forward in many ways.

  • Four-year graduation rates have never been higher.
  • SPPS still has not made major budget cuts in at least five years, but we have more equitably and generously distributed resources to schools.
  • School enrollment remains constant even after a difficult and ultimately successful transitional period.
  • All school buildings are open and final building renovations are being completed. At the same time, a forward-thinking, 10-year Facilities Master Plan process has begun.
  • More students are learning closer to home as a result of community schools, but we’ve also preserved school choice and boosted the fidelity of our magnets for those to whom that appeals.
  • Nearly a quarter of our schools now can offer each student an iPad as a tool to open up a world of learning, with the remainder scheduled for the same during this year and the next.
  • Student transportation is more focused on convenience and customer service.
  • School security updates have been made across the district.

The future looks bright for Saint Paul Public Schools. I thank each and every one of you for the contributions you made toward this progress.

I wish you all a joyful and prosperous 2015.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva