From the Superintendent: We are more than just educators to our students -- we are their leaders


Dear Colleagues,

Last Wednesday I had the honor of joining thousands of young people, including 525 Saint Paul Public Schools students, at the Minnesota We Day celebration. I was inspired to see the Xcel Center filled with young people who have dedicated time and energy to making the world a better place through service, along with the committed educators who support them.

In Saint Paul Public Schools -- no matter where you work -- Job #1 is to help young people hone their academic skills. Sometimes we forget that we are also supporting the growth of citizens who will shape our community. In his introduction to We Day, Founder Craig Kielberger laughed at people who say our young people are the "Me Generation" and asserted that they are the "Me to We Generation."  I agree with him. I believe our students are powerful change agents. They are already positively impacting our local and global community.

In the words of Clementine Wamariya, a We Day speaker who escaped the Rwandan genocide, "One does not need to be powerful or wealthy to lift someone else up."  Our students are powerful beyond their current beliefs.

That doesn’t mean our students don’t need the strong support and guidance of adults in their lives. Many studies indicate that the single most important factor to lifelong success is the presence of a caring adult in a child’s life.

Are you playing that role in the life of a child? That could be for your own child, a niece or nephew, a neighborhood child, or even a student you tutor in one of our schools. Once you know the joy of that personal connection with a young person, I believe you can more fully embrace the mission of our school district.

Thank you to all who are the loving, caring guides to the children in our community, both within SPPS and within our community. I look forward to seeing many of you at my Sharing with the Supt meetings, where I can learn more about what you need to help our students be successful.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria Silva