From the Superintendent: Start times recommendation approved; National School Bus Safety Week and Community Giving Campaign start this week


Dear Colleagues:

After months of dialogue and feedback, the Start Times Steering Committee recommended to me that we dig a little deeper over the next year to see if we can find an option that clearly pleases the majority. At last week’s Board of Education meeting, the board affirmed that decision. 

I look forward to our next steps.

This week – National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 20-24 – is the perfect time to be talking about school transportation. It’s also the perfect time to tout our district’s transportation safety record. Be sure to take the time this week to thank some of the 400 transportation employees who tend to the endless details of busing 31,000 students on 320 buses over 2,130 routes – for 5.8 million miles each school year. The safety of our students is priceless.

I hope you will place a price on how much you can contribute this year to the annual SPPS Community Giving Campaign, which begins today. I have been honored and grateful to know that when I give through this campaign, I am part of a larger whole. While my gift alone may have a limited impact, combined with your gifts, my donation means so much more.

This kind of impact is, I believe, at the heart of Mother Teresa’s statement that, “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

Please visit our campaign website and consider giving even a small amount out of your paycheck each week so that, together, we can do something wonderful for our students and our community. Thank you.

Your very proud superintendent,

Valeria Silva