From the superintendent


Dear Colleagues:

Now that the sun has finally decided to shine, our educators have to work harder than ever to keep our students engaged. That’s not hard to understand. I can hardly stand to be inside myself! But let’s make these last 15 days count. Students will then get a much deserved break before at least 12,000 of them head into Summer Term (S-Term).

Yes, I said 12,000 – and there may be even more!

In February, I asked for your help to reach an ambitious goal of registering 15,000 students for S-Term.

Nearly three months later, I am proud to report we have over 12,000 students enrolled and more expected.

As the result of registration letters to homes, robocalls to parents, Facebook posts and -- best of all -- daily interaction and encouragement from counselors, teachers, clerks and other staff:

  • Session 1 is completely full at every site except Riverview
  • Freedom School is completely full and has a waiting list
  • Students are still being recruited for Session 2

More than 12,000 students -- an increase from last year’s 9,000 -- will get the extra academic help they need over the summer, and likely have a good time doing it. They will also get breakfast and lunch at no cost, and more importantly, leadership skills and confidence to carry with them into the next school year.

With this kind of support, imagine where our students will be in just a few years. At the Celebration of Excellence earlier today, for example, we recognized the top academic graduates in SPPS:

  • Sandra Luz Morales-Rivero will be the first young woman from AGAPE to join the Electrical Engineering program at St. Thomas.
  • Brian Yang, a Beat the Odds scholar from Harding who overcame great challenges to be successful in school, will study biochemistry and molecular biology at Brown.
  • Amelie Sindayihebura, student at LEAP, will go to Saint Paul College to become a registered nurse.

These are just a few of the amazing stories I heard.

Students that we honored in the Celebration of Excellence didn’t necessarily participate in S-Term, but it feels good to offer a program that can help 12,000 students reach similar goals.

Will you help them get there? Keeping students on track and learning for the remainder of the year is one way you can do that.

And if you’re an interested educator, I also hope you’ll consider applying for a S-Term teaching position, if you haven’t already.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva