From the superintendent


Dear Colleagues:

Daylight saving time provides the light at the end of the tunnel after this very harsh winter. It also reminds us that graduation season is almost upon us. Let’s continue to do everything we can to ensure that our seniors have everything they need to graduate to something great!

  • Is there a student in one of your classes who might need special support to complete required testing and credits?
  • Could you offer assistance to any students in filling out financial aid forms?
  • Do you know of a student or two who might benefit from an outside organization that can guide and sustain them on their journey?

These are the kinds of over-and-above actions that have increased our graduation rates to the levels they are today – well over the state grad rate average in nearly all our high schools. Thank you for your hard work, and let’s keep that momentum going!

This season is also when our legislators make plans for an apparent $323 million state budget surplus – after years of deficits.

Governor Dayton is taking this opportunity to change the system from providing “free and reduced-price lunches” to simply and equitably providing “free lunches” for all qualifying students.

Legislators are considering a bill that would make that happen – and I encourage every staff member to contact your legislators to tell him or her what you think.

Finally, we are required by law to make up one of the six instructional days we lost due to weather this winter. Communications will go out to families this week instructing them to plan on classes on Monday, June 9. Unless we have additional snow days yet this month, June 9 will now be the last day of school in 2014. More information will follow with instructions on how to respond to families who will undoubtedly already have plans that mean their students may not be present on that day.

Enjoy the melting this week. As the snow leaves us, let’s take a moment to thank our transportation crew for their hard work. As hard as this winter has been on all of us, it’s been even harder on them. I am grateful for their knowledge, experience, and patience in getting our students to school this year even with the most difficult road conditions.

I have no doubt there is more snow to come, but we all deserve every ray of sunshine we get.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva