From the superintendent


Dear Colleagues:

What a week for Saint Paul Public Schools – marked graduation rate increases, a tentative contract agreement with our teachers union, and another wintry day off school!

Increased high school graduation rates
Learning that we’re finally starting to see some significant progress in our work to reduce the achievement gap truly gives me the energy to push through aggressively in our work to implement Strong Schools, Strong Communities 2.0. 

We knew at the beginning of this journey that it could take years, but I am not a patient person! These increased rates confirm that we truly are moving in the right direction. I am grateful for the work our administrators and educators alike have done to accelerate our students’ progress. Learn more at

Tentative contract agreement with teachers union
I hope that the show of support that teachers received over these past weeks from parents and community leaders helps dispel the notion that teachers – that public education as a whole – are not valued.

We heard, felt, and saw that support from every corner of our community – from our faith community, the mayor, even from school districts across the country. It was clear to me that our public schools are essential to St. Paul’s way of life – and our teachers are essential to our schools.

On Monday afternoon, our district and our teachers union will present the details of our agreement at a news conference here at 360 Colborne. Those same details will also be posted on the SPPS website at that time.

Sixth day of wintry weather = make-up day for secondary students
Kudos to our calendar committee for building in five possible days for school dismissal for severe weather. Unfortunately, we have now had six days off due to an unusually brutal winter. According to state guidelines for required annual classroom hours, our students now need to make up one day of instruction, to be announced at a later date.

Thanks to everyone for going above and beyond over these past weeks to keep our students learning and our schools running smoothly.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva