From the superintendent


Dear Colleagues:

In the midst of what can sometimes feel like all-consuming teacher negotiations, I am so proud and happy for the many accomplishments that continue to occur each day in our classrooms and our schools:

Accomplishments like these are testaments to how deeply Saint Paul Public Schools and its students are woven into our community. They are also evidence that our employees just keep moving forward toward goals set through Strong Schools, Strong Communities. Thank you.

I know that some employees were disturbed to learn of the possibility of a teacher strike through my letter to employees last week. It was probably the most difficult letter I ever sent, but I felt you all deserved as much information as possible.

Information is never more critical than during times of crisis. Information can help reduce anxiety and help you plan for any eventuality.  I encourage all employees to stay current on the latest developments in teacher negotiations by visiting There you’ll find:

  • Information about SPPS offers to the teachers union
  • The latest media stories
  • Definitions of words and terms frequently used during labor negotiations
  • A feedback form where you can submit your ideas

Saint Paul Public Schools looks forward to a successful mediation session on February 20, and to warmer days ahead. Thank you for your ongoing hard work.

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva