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Supt. Silva with Heron Lopez

Dear Colleagues:

Many of you know that I now love sharing and receiving information via Twitter. (Follow me! @SPPS_SuptSilva)

One hashtag (#) I’ll be using next week is: #HonoringVets. By doing that, I join my voice with millions of others who on Veterans Day celebrate the contributions men and women in our armed forces have made -- and are making -- to our country.

In our highly politicized world, we sometimes don’t take the time to remember that whether or not you agree with the military decisions our country makes, we must honor the people who have answered our country’s call.

Included in that tally are at least 71 SPPS employees who reported that they have served our country in some branch of the armed forces -- and I know there are more who simply haven’t mentioned their service. Still others continue to serve in some capacity -- perhaps through the National Guard or a reserve unit. Thank you all.

We can’t know how many of our employees are proud parents of people serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. And let’s not forget that a whole new generation of leaders is rising up right here within Saint Paul Public Schools. I will never cease to be impressed by the precise military bearing of our Junior ROTC cadets. In our district, over 700 cadets in JROTC are learning the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.

Membership in JROTC is not something these students take lightly. At a recent Board of Education meeting, we recognized Heron Lopez, a senior at Washington Technology Magnet School and Naval JROTC Cadet. Mr. Lopez received the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement. He was one of only 22 recipients of this U.S. Congress-sanctioned award nationwide, though 87,000 students were eligible. What an accomplishment for this young man, and what a statement about his future.

On Veterans Day and every day, please keep our veterans -- and our veterans-to-be -- in your hearts and minds.  For ideas of other ways to honor our vets (including a Thunderclap via Twitter!), go to:

Your very proud superintendent,

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Valeria S. Silva