From the Superintendent: Keeping Students at the Center While Counting Down to Summer

Superintendent Silva


I hope you were able to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend with friends and family and found time to remember those brave souls who gave everything in service to our country. Their sacrifices allow us to enjoy the freedoms many of us take for granted today.

Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start to summer. While I imagine most of you are looking forward to the end of the school year, we are all still engaged in important work -- in schools and in the district’s budget office.

This Tuesday evening the Committee of the Board of Education will meet to discuss revisions to the district’s budget for next year. Although I have already presented the Board with a balanced budget in April, I am still exploring budget scenarios that minimize impact to schools while maintaining critical department functions that align with Board priorities.

In the midst of finalizing our own SPPS budget we mustn’t lose sight that the end of the school year can bring uncertainty and anxiety for many of our students and families. For children in our schools, the weekday routine from September through June provides them with caring adults, a safe place to learn -- and two healthy meals each day. Summer, like weekends and holiday breaks, can mean food insecurity and hunger.

SPPS can help. As we did last summer, SPPS Nutrition Services will be reaching out to Saint Paul neighborhoods with the Mobile Cafe food truck. The truck will make nine stops each day, Monday through Friday, June 14 - August 19, and provide a free nutritious meal to anyone under age 18. Please be sure all students have the schedule.

I appreciate your patience as we take our budgeting work into the final weeks and days -- and as we march ever forward to June 10th.


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Valeria S. Silva