From the Office of Teaching and Learning: Transforming instruction through personalized learning


The Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) helps teachers transform their instructional practices through personalized learning to eliminate racially predictable disparities in achievement and accelerate the learning of all students. To meet each student’s needs, OTL provides research and evidence-based resources and professional development for our staff, schools and programs that are aligned to state and national standards. The energy and commitment of SPPS students, staff and families drives our work to serve our community.

Personalized learning is the how of what we do in Saint Paul Public Schools. Through tailored instruction, student voice and choice and a technology-rich learning environment, we know students will have  opportunities to succeed each day in class. State and national education standards are the foundation of our work as we help prepare students to be college and career ready. This year, Saint Paul Public Schools will reach one of its goals by providing each K-12 student one-to-one access to an iPad. A second goal, providing teachers with a foundational understanding of personalized learning and the tools to support each learner, will be completed. Students and Teachers will also learn new instructional resources this year that will allow further personalization of instruction.

Teaching and learning in a one-to-one iPad environment eliminates barriers and allows access to some of the best learning resources available. Many students in our schools have grown up with information always at their fingertips and are able to find answers to basic questions quickly. As educators in SPPS, we now have a greater ability to deepen the use of that knowledge by applying it in rich and rigorous content and standards. A technology-rich environment expands the scope of how students can acquire, process and present their thinking and learning, in ways that are more personalized to their strengths. Using strategies of culturally responsive instruction to personalize learning -- which includes establishing relationships, rigor, relevance and allowing students to be their real selves in the classroom -- will lead to greater student achievement.

It is an exciting year in Saint Paul Public Schools. The Office of Teaching and Learning looks forward to supporting our students, families and staff throughout the year. Learn more about personalized learning at SPPS in this video.


Hans Ott, Director of the Office of Teaching and Learning