From Community Giving Campaign co-chairs: Positively influence your community by donating

Cherokee Heights Elementary staff are designating “write-in” gifts to Shirley’s Shelf, a food shelf at the school.


Today and for the next five weeks, every one of us in SPPS has the potential to increase our positive influence on students and families.

As this year’s co-chairs of the annual Community Giving Campaign, we invite you to take a moment to consider supporting one or more of the nonprofit organizations that assist SPPS students and their families.

We love this time of year for many reasons. Those of us blessed with meaningful work, safe homes and enough food are often moved to give thanks. Another way to express gratitude is to give back, and the Community Giving Campaign makes it simple.

We can designate a one-time credit card gift or payroll deduction to any charity we choose. The Campaign features eight federated agencies because, among them, they offer programs that help SPPS students do better in school and in life.

Staff members at individual SPPS sites might also consider pooling their contributions to support a specific cause at their school. Some staff at Cherokee Heights Elementary, pictured above, are designating “write-in” gifts to Shirley’s Shelf at the school. This project will enable families who volunteer a few hours each month to “shop” for basic needs. Similar projects are possible at any SPPS site.

You’ll be hearing more about the Community Giving Campaign in the coming weeks. Please listen. Think about your blessings. And consider making even a small gift to support charities working -- as all of us in SPPS do -- to improve the lives of our city’s students.

Donate through the Community Giving Campaign today.


Kimberly Colbert
Teacher, Central High

Craig Anderson
Principal, Battle Creek Elementary

Tom Parent
Director, Facilities

Jackie Statum Allen
Assistant Director, Strategic Planning and Policy