Getting to know Mai Pang Xiong, kindergarten teacher
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Mai Pang Xiong is beginning her third year as a kindergarten teacher in the Hmong dual language program at Jackson. Kindergarten and pre-K students started school last week, so it is a busy time for teachers like Mai Pang. “A lot of my students have never been to a school before, so I have the pleasure of teaching them skills like pencil holding and making friends,” said Mai Pang. “Seeing their progress as they grow and learn throughout the school year is the thing I love most about my job.” 

Mai Pang has been thankful for the support from the SPPS community in her years at SPPS. In 2012 when her grandmother passed away, she returned to work to see flowers and a card from Jackson staff on her desk. Her PAR mentor, Dunia Ruff, and the family of one of her students also offered their condolences. “It made a big difference and really helped me through a dark time,” Mai Pang said.

In her free time, Mai Pang enjoys spending time outdoors - playing tennis, swimming and camping. Fishing is one of her favorite pastimes, but there is just one problem: she’s afraid of worms. “Fishing helps me practice patience, and I love the thrill of catching a fish or even a tree branch on my line,” she said. “I just need someone else to hook the worm on for me!”

SPPS Serves: Creating an effective email signature
SPPS does not have an official or required email signature, but we have tips for you to create your own.

  • Keep it short and simple. Four to six lines is a good goal. If your signature is longer than your email, shorten your signature. 
  • Do not use an image as your email signature. Your colleagues won’t be able to copy/paste your information, or click on phone numbers and addresses from a mobile device.
  • Refrain from putting images (such as logos) in your signature, as they are converted to attachments for non-Lotus Notes users.
  • Avoid non-standard fonts, colors and other formatting, as they do not always transfer correctly in different email clients (such as Lotus, Gmail and Outlook).
  • Include your email address. Not all email clients include this important information in the header.
  • Include at least one phone number, so colleagues can quickly give you a call if they have a question about something you’ve written.
  • Include links to your social media profiles only if they are used exclusively for professional development (such as Twitter). If you aren’t sure, link to the SPPS accounts or your school’s accounts instead.
  • Reconsider including your mailing address and fax number, unless you want to be contacted that way.
  • Update your phone email signature. “Sent from my iPhone” is not descriptive or professional. Try something like “Ana Martinez (on mobile): 651-123-0000”
  • Reconsider including quotes. They don’t always translate well for non-native English speakers and you may risk offending a colleague.

Example 1 (preferred):

Ana Martinez
Communications Specialist | Saint Paul Public Schools
(e) ana.martinez@spps.org | (o) 651-123-9999 | (c) 651-123-0000
www.spps.org | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr

Example 2 (alternate):

Ana Martinez
Communications Specialist | Saint Paul Public Schools
Office of Communications, Marketing & Development
360 Colborne Street | Saint Paul, MN 55102
e: ana.martinez@spps.org | o: 651-123-9999 | c: 651-123-0000

Central High School grounds get facelift thanks to volunteers
Central High School unveiled a new fence thanks to the Lex-Ham Community Council, an anonymous neighborhood donor and student contributions. The beautiful tiered flower beds by the front doors and the Central sign bed were planted by student and parent volunteers last fall and spring.