Ask SPPS: Why do students in kindergarten and pre-K start school later than other students?
In Saint Paul, we know that starting school can be stressful for young children and their parents. That’s why the teachers of our youngest learners take time to meet with pre-K and K parents to discuss expectations and conduct early childhood assessments. 

“Our teachers meet with families to discuss their hopes and dreams for their children, and to identify goals for a successful school experience,” said Lisa Gruenewald, assistant director for the Office of Early Learning. “It’s about building relationships and creating a smooth transition.”

It also gives schools a chance to make sure routines are established and running smoothly. Everything from busing to cafeteria lines can be new and confusing, so if these systems are working well for older students, the younger ones will feel more comfortable.

SPPS expects to welcome 1,380 new pre-K and 3,600 new kindergarten students today. 

SPPS Serves: Creating a Welcoming Environment on the Phone
When you answer the phone, does the person on the other end of the line feel welcome? An effective phone greeting will help you - and your school or office - build trust and a better relationship with the caller.

  1. Smile. Studies have shown that people on the other end of the line can hear a smile in your tone of voice.
  2. Name your school or department. Families and SPPS staff may have been transferred several times by the time they reach you and it is important to let them know where they’re calling.
  3. Introduce yourself. People are more at ease when they know who they’re talking to.
  4. Offer to serve

Example: “ABC High School, this is Choua, how can I help you?”

These changes to your phone greeting only add a second to your routine, but it can make a major impact on someone’s day. Keep these tips in mind regardless of who you are speaking to on the phone - staff and families will both appreciate the extra effort.

SPPS Welcomes Students on the First Day of School
Superintendent Valeria Silva, Chief of Police Thomas Smith along with a number of community and school district leaders took to the streets to welcome students and families to the new school year. Hear from SPPS staff, parents and community leaders about their thoughts, hopes and dreams for the new school year.