Employee wellness

Pick a Choose Well, Live Well summer program that is best for you! Registration opens today. Once completed, these programs help you qualify for healthcare savings (reduced copays, deductible, etc.) in 2015.

  • Summer Scramble: A summertime scavenger hunt of healthy choices! Challenge yourself this summer to stay active and try new ways to incorporate activity into your everyday routine.
  • Gear up and Go: The summer is almost here and it’s time to Gear Up and Go for a bike ride! Try this challenge if you are looking for new, fun ways to stay active on your bike.
  • Start to Finish 5k Training Challenge: Competitive, recreational or new to the game. This program provides you with a training plan and a weekly tracker to get you ready to race.
  • Walking Club: Grab a friend or begin walking on your own. Track your walks and build a habit of regular activity with this program.

All summer programs are due no later than September 12, 2014. Visit the employee wellness website to learn more and to register for the program of your choice. Don’t forget complete your Health Assessment by September 30!