Employee wellness

Tadjia Willis

Why do you choose to live well?
“Food is the most abused anxiety drug,” said Tadjia Willis, a payroll clerk who was reciting one of her favorite quotes. “Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.”

She insists that healthy choices make her feel better physically and mentally, improve her self-esteem, and give her a better work ethic. “It not only makes me feel better, it makes others feel better because I have a lot more positive energy,” she said.

Tadjia is inspired by her 15-year-old son who is consistently able to bike faster and for longer distances than she is. She tries her best to keep up with him and wants to continue the challenge for years to come. “I want to make sure that I am setting my son up for a healthy and happy future, so I try to be a role model for him.”

Tadjia visited wellness.spps.org to tell us her story about why she chooses to live well. Employee Wellness has many programs to help Tadjia and others like her meet her wellness goals and save money on healthcare - everything from health coaching over the phone to in-person nutrition classes or a mobile app. A new option called “Your choice” helps you track healthy activities that you already do at home or in the community.

Why do you choose to live well? You may be seeing your colleagues wearing a bright new lanyard printed with words “Ask me why I choose to live well.” These lanyards encourage us to think about and share why health is so important. Visit wellness.spps.org to share what is motivating you to live well for a chance to win a prize and a feature in the Bridge.

Don’t forget to complete your health assessment and well-being activity by September 30, 2014!

Questions? Contact Karly Farrell at district.wellness@spps.org or 651-767-8154.