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The holidays can be a wonderful time with family and friends, but they can also be stressful. There are so many things to get done in so little time. Enjoy the holiday season this year with these tried-and-true tips to beat the stress:

  • Make a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to overspend during the holidays, even when you try not to. This year, set a budget that includes gifts, travel expenses, and other holiday items (such as a bottle of wine for a dinner party). Track your spending as you make purchases so you know how much you have left to spend.
  • Plan ahead. Set aside specific time for shopping, cooking, visiting friends and other activities.
  • Learn to say no. It’s the time of year where everyone wants to get together and celebrate, and it’s easy to feel pressured to accept every invitation. If attending events becomes stressful, it’s okay to say no.
  • Stick to healthy habits. Have a healthy snack before holiday parties so that you don’t go overboard. Continue to get plenty of sleep and schedule time for physical activity.
  • Make time for yourself. Take 15 minutes out of each day to relax. Stretch. Read a book. Daydream. Listen to music. Do something you enjoy.

The holiday season is the time to enjoy the ones you love. That’s when you should be your happiest, but stress can make that hard. Remember these tips to help you manage your stress. And remember to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.

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