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Delay in processing Community Giving Donations - No action required
Thank you for donating to the Community Giving Campaign. Your donation supports the organizations that help us make strong schools and strong communities.

Due to the two cold days last week, there was a delay in processing the donations through payroll. As a result, You did not see the expected payroll deduction on January 10.

Deductions will begin on the January 24 paycheck:

  • Those of you who elected a one-time donation will see the entire amount deducted on this day.
  • Those of you who elected to donate on a payment plan will notice a small increase in the amount deducted from each check to account for the missed payment. You are not required to complete a new authorization since the total value of your annual contribution will not change.

For example:

Original pledge:


$26 per paycheck 26 paychecks

$676 total for 2014

$100 one-time donation

1 paycheck: Jan. 10

$100 total for 2014

$20 per paycheck

20 paychecks

$400 total for 2014

Actual amount with 1 less payroll deduction

$27.04 per paycheck

25 paychecks

$676 total for 2014

$100 one-time donation

1 paycheck: Jan. 24

$100 total for 2014

$21.05 per paycheck

19 paychecks

$400 total for 2014


We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact Laurin Cathey, executive director of Human Resources, at  651-767-8202 or with questions, comments or concerns.

Office of Personalized Learning to host regular Tweet Chats
Learn about education through Twitter every Monday at 7 p.m. beginning January 27. The Personalized Learning team and the SPPS community will discuss issues related to education in a new feature called SPPS Chats. Log on to Twitter and participate in the chat by using the hashtag #sppschat. January’s topic will be “Giving Students Voice and Choice.” Contact Jessica McMahon with questions at or tweet her at @SPPS_McMahon.

Personalized learning website launched
The Office of Personalized Learning launched a new website that includes examples of personalized learning, answers to FAQs, digital tools and resources, and more. Visit

Please submit feedback and questions about personalized learning or their website to

Students invited to perform at Ordway Center for Honors Concert and K-8 Performance Showcase
On Tuesday, April 22, 2014, the 23rd annual Honors Concert and Performance Art event will take place at Ordway Center. This event features skilled and talented high school student performers from SPPS.

Before the concert, the K-8 Performance Showcase will highlight the artistic excellence of SPPS elementary and middle school students. Music, dance, theatre and other performing arts ensembles and students are invited to apply to perform at the World Party.

The deadline to apply is January 31, 2014. For more information about the events and the World Party application visit the website for the Office of Teaching, Learning and Leading. Contact Jan Spencer de Gutiérrez at 651-744-1321 with questions.

Students and alumni invited to participate in engagement project
Former students and alumni of Gordon Parks, LEAP, AGAPE and Creative Arts High School are invited to participate in an engagement project to offer their perspectives on high school and create more conversation among alumni, current students and staff for the benefit of ALC students.

In partnership with SPPS, several local artists and current students will elevate these alumni perspectives through a visual art piece. Contact with Kristen at 651-271-0065 or if you know someone who may want to participate.