Department news

Last Bridge publication for the year is June 6
The final Bridge publication for the school year is Monday, June 6. If you have information you would like included as Action Items, Department News or Kudos, please submit them to by Tuesday, May 31.

AIMS’ 24th Annual Traditional Powwow is June 3
American Indian Magnet School will host its 24th Annual Traditional Powwow on Friday, June 3.

Grand entries are set for 1:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., with a feast beginning at 5:30 p.m.

The event will feature emcee Jerry Dearly,  Host Drum by Ain Dah Yung and Co-Arena Directors Mr. D and Mr. Sykora. Jack Running and members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade will serve as Color Guard.

Information about 2016-17 Family Engagement Plan and compacts
Here are a few reminders regarding the Family Engagement Plan (FEP) and Compacts for next year.

  • The FEP template is the same as last year, but make sure you update the dates. You should be able to make updates without having to type the whole plan again. The same is true for the compact.
  • The PDF version of the FEP template is attached here with the date updates highlighted, as well as the Microsoft Word version.
  • All schools need to have an FEP. The FEP and Compact are due June 6 for all schools, and Title I schools should also upload both documents to the school’s Title I compliance folder by the due date. Remember that you'll likely need to do some updates when you return in the fall, so please update it with the best information you have at this time.
  • Families should be part of all your updates, so don't forget to keep sign-in sheets, meeting agendas and notes for all your work.
  • You can find information on how to create the brochure-style compact on the Title I website, "Dust Off Your Old School Parent Compact," and how that compact is aligned to the purpose of engaging families, teachers and students in designing a school-parent blueprint for action tied to your School Improvement Plan.

Contact Heather Kilgore if you have any questions or concerns at or 651-744-4223.

Have you completed your Health Assessment?
There are two steps to earning the 2017 Health Care Savings. The first step is to complete your online Health Assessment, it only takes 20 minutes and will provide you with insight into your health and well-being. The second step is to complete a Wellness Program.

If both you and your covered spouse complete these two steps you will earn the 2017 Health Care Savings. You can find more information and get started here.

Looking to stay active this summer?
If you are looking to add some fun activity and complete your Wellness Program this summer, consider one of the two summer programs: Gear Up and Go or the Summer Scramble. These programs will help add some variety to your summer activity and enjoy some time outdoors.

Find more information on these programs here.