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Gateway to College to hold first graduation ceremony on May 19
Gateway to College is holding its first-ever graduation ceremony at 6 p.m., Thursday, May 19, in the theatre at Saint Paul College. There are 14 likely graduates who have earned their high school diploma and college credits at the same time.

Gateway to College is for 16- to 21-year-old students who fell behind in high school credits or have dropped out of high school. To attend Gateway to College, the students must be committed to their education, plan to attend college, be willing to attend school every day and be ready for the challenges of a college environment.

Every graduate of this year’s Gateway to College program has earned several college credits. One student has earned 53 college credits, and is one class away from earning an Associate’s degree. Eight of the students plan to continue their education at Saint Paul College in the fall.

Stay up to date with the Multilingual Learning newsletter
The May 9 issue of the Office of Multilingual Learning newsletter is now available.

Information about 2016-17 Family Engagement Plan and compacts
Here are a few reminders regarding the Family Engagement Plan (FEP) and Compacts for next year.

  • The FEP template is the same as last year, but make sure you update the dates. You should be able to make updates without having to type the whole plan again. The same is true for the compact.
  • The PDF version of the FEP template is attached here with the date updates highlighted, as well as the Microsoft Word version.
  • All schools need to have an FEP. The FEP and Compact are due June 6 for all schools, and Title I schools should also upload both documents to the school’s Title I compliance folder by the due date. Remember that you'll likely need to do some updates when you return in the fall, so please update it with the best information you have at this time.
  • Families should be part of all your updates, so don't forget to keep sign-in sheets, meeting agendas and notes for all your work.
  • You can find information on how to create the brochure-style compact on the Title I website, "Dust Off Your Old School Parent Compact," and how that compact is aligned to the purpose of engaging families, teachers and students in designing a school-parent blueprint for action tied to your School Improvement Plan.

Contact Heather Kilgore if you have any questions or concerns at or 651-744-4223.

Have you completed your Health Assessment?
Get started on your 2016 Health Assessment -- it only takes 20 minutes, and is the first step towards earning your 2017 Health Care Savings.

Summer is a great time to complete your Wellness Program
If you are looking to add some fun activity and complete your Wellness Program this summer, consider one of the two summer programs: Gear Up and Go or the Summer Scramble. These programs will help add some variety to your summer activity and enjoy some time outdoors.