Bridge on break: This is the last issue of the Bridge for the school year. Please check back in early August for the next issue. Have a safe and happy summer!

From the superintendent

I encourage you to keep in touch. The 2014-15 school year may seem far away right now, but here are some ways you can keep up with the latest.

Action items
  • All staff: Volunteer as a guest reader for Freedom School students
  • All staff: Backup files before leaving for summer
  • School staff: Preliminary MCA results available
  • Principals, assistant principals and clerks: Discipline reporting deadlines are June 9 and 18
  • Educational assistants: Register for opening week informational seminar
  • Teachers: Apply for S-Term jobs; job sharing available
  • Teachers: Prepare classrooms for S-Term
  • Kindergarten and Pre-K teachers and support staff: Attend professional development September 3 and 4
Department news and announcements
  • Testing calendar available for 2014-15
  • Personalized learning essentials
  • Rethinking school start times
  • EMID Summer Institute
  • Have fun with colleagues at community events
  • Limited custodial services in June
  • Custodial services restoration cleaning
  • Update: School lunch prices for 2014-15
  • Save the date: Personalized Learning professional development is August 14
Employee wellness

Learn how you can maintain a healthy back in a 45 minute presentation from HealthPartners Physicians Neck and Back Clinic experts at 360 Colborne

  • Jeni Snyder Alcakovic, teacher at Capitol Hill, earns doctorate
  • Jessica Lance, teacher at The Heights, wins scholarship
  • Cougar Fun Run attracts 500 students for sprint around Como Lake
  • Board member joins 450 students and staff for Run 2 be Fit
  • Capitol Hill kicks off Moving Matters with Commissioners of Education, Health
  • Cherokee Heights celebrates student triathletes
  • College bound students credit AVID for success