From the superintendent: Recognizing Native American heritage—and more

This dichotomy of celebrating a race or culture one month, but asking all cultures to assimilate to the White culture for all the other months, is how some people of color -- some of our students of color -- may see the world.

Action items

Interpreter news, new school fonts for marketing, MMR and more.

Getting to know Principal Sharon Hendrix

As a resident of Saint Paul’s West Side, Principal Sharon Hendrix has a deep commitment to her West Side school and its tight-knit community.

Department news and announcements

Special Education Family Group to meet; Racial Equity updates; Open Enrollment and more.

Employee wellness

Flu and Tdap vaccination clinics at 1930 Como and 360 Colborne; Wellness Program honored.


Gordon Parks students present at national summit; soccer players recognized; students win through Saint Paul Library cards.