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All staff: Notify Facilities Department of inspections
In order to help support and manage the environmental health and safety of SPPS employees and students, please contact the Facilities Department immediately if an inspector or regulator arrives at your building. That way the Environmental Services Group can work directly with inspectors to ensure a consistent and thorough response to all inquiries. 

Examples of inspection types include: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), County Hazardous Waste, Fire Marshall, Pollution Control, Department of Health, and federal inspectors from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Kitchen inspections will continue to be managed by Nutrition Services.

For assistance with these inspections, please contact the Facilities One-Stop at 651-744-1800. 

All staff: Use appropriate cleaning solutions
Your school now has new ways to keep its facilities cleaner and our students safer, all while reducing waste. SPPS no longer uses products containing potentially harmful chemicals, including disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers and other cleaners. Instead, we are providing classrooms with an effective cleaning solution that is safe and mild, called 510E General Cleaning Solution. This solution should be used to clean any hard surfaces within a classroom or office to remove soil, dirt, dust, organic matter and germs off surfaces. 

A disinfectant will only be used when bodily fluids are present or in daycare areas as required by health codes. Bodily fluid clean up should only be performed by building engineers, as they have been trained in proper procedures as required by the Occupational Safety and Health administration (OSHA). 

All spray bottles will be labeled with the proper chemical name. Please do not include chemicals such as disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers on supply lists; building engineers have been instructed to remove them from classrooms

Please contact your building engineer if 510E General Cleaning Solution or bodily fluid clean up are needed. For more information, contact the Facilities One-Stop at 651-744-1800.

School staff: Learn about online fundraising at GiveMN training this Thursday
Every Saint Paul Public School has a basic fundraising page on Consider sending staff members and/or parent volunteers to a live training with GiveMN staff -- presented just for SPPS -- and find out how to:

  • Make your school’s GiveMN page attractive and persuasive
  • Create fundraising projects and goals
  • Get information to prospective donors so they can give online
  • Prepare for Give to the Max Day, “The Great Minnesota GIVE Together,” on Thursday, November 14, 2013.

Identical training sessions take place on Thursday, September 26, at 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 4-5 p.m., both at 360 Colborne. Email to register, or just show up. If you can’t make it on September 26, plan for a webinar that will take place 8-9 a.m. on Thursday, October 3. Watch the Bridge for details. Register for the webinar online and watch this short video about how Eastern Heights Elementary used GiveMN.

School staff: Encourage students to apply for prudential spirit awards
Now through November 5, students in grades 5-12 may apply for Prudential Spirit of Community Awards if they have made meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service within the past 12 months. The application is available at more.

Teachers: Attend personalized learning training
Personalized Learning Specialists will be in buildings around the district to offer engaging sessions that support the use of technology for student learning. For complete details and a schedule, view the flyer.

Teachers: Inspired Educator Grants offer up to $3,000 to SPPS teachers
The SPPS Foundation is pleased to announce the 2013 Inspired Educator Grant cycle, which will award up to $3,000 to licensed educators working for SPPS (preK-12). To learn more, view the guidelines and fill out the application. Last year the Foundation awarded 11 grants totaling $25,000. This year’s deadline is Monday, October 7, and you can submit your grant online, directly to the SPPS Foundation. For help with your proposal, contact Lisa van der Steur at 7-8108 or

Teachers: Target field trip (and other) grants deadlines are coming up
View information on the following grants due this month, and be sure to watch The Bridge and the CMD website for deadlines, how-to and more.

Due September 30:

Due in October:

10/1 - Toshiba America Foundation
10/1 - Pentair STEM and FIRST grants
10/7 - Inspired Educator Grants, SPPSF
10/15 - Lowe's Toolbox for Education
10/15 - Music is Revolution Mini-Grant
10/15 - NEA Student Achievement Grants
10/15 - NEA Foundation Learning & Leadership Grant
10/18 - Air Force Association: Aerospace Education
10/31 - CVS Caremark

Principals and teachers: Register for Mill City Museum scholarships
Mill City Museum offers free museum admission and partially subsidized busing for students from qualified public schools. For more information, view the flyer.

Principals: Apply for transportation grants
Grant money is available for transportation to take students in grades 1-8 to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

Details are available on the Center website. Contact Arts Supervisor Jan Spencer de Gutiérrez with questions.

Principals: Identify staff for fall Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing administration
The fall 2013 MAP testing window is September 10-26. The MAP test will be administered district-wide to all students in grades 2 and 6-9, and to grade 10 students who are performing at or below 8th grade level. 

The purpose of the MAP is to have a clear understanding of students’ growth in order to adjust and intervene instructionally. 

In addition to your School Assessment Coordinator (SAC), consider asking another building staff member to be trained in administering the MAP test. When schools do this, they maximize expertise and support at the building level and increase the likelihood of a smooth and effective MAP test administration.

Please contact Robin Lane at 651-767-8257 with questions.

Principals: Designate a contact for in-building professional development
Schools are required to record all in-building professional development sessions in PD Express (including all Professional Learning Communities). This will ensure that teachers receive proper clock hours for all professional development completed as well as provide an accurate report of all professional development provided to staff. Each site should designate a contact person (or two) who will be trained in entering their school's workshops into PDExpress. Please send your contact name to Laurie at by September 27.

Principals and staff development coordinators: Complete staff development report
We are required to report all professional development activities that occurred both at the district and building levels during the 2012–2013 school year. The reporting deadline is Friday, October 11, 2013. You will be asked to provide data on your student achievement goals, advisory committee membership, staffing, staff development activities, and the impact of these activities on teaching and? learning. For complete instructions, read the memo from Stacey Gray Akyea.

Principals and clerks: Send AHERA annual asbestos notices to parents
The annual AHERA asbestos notice required by law may not have been sent to all parents or guardians in school student/parent handbooks. This is a specific federal requirement. Please check your parent handbook or communications to see if these notices were included. If not, a separate memo will need to be sent to parents with the required language. 

A sample AHERA notification has been translated into SpanishKarenHmong and Somali for your use. It must be copied onto your letterhead and distributed to all families. 

We have very little asbestos-containing materials remaining in our buildings but some floor tile and other materials are still present. This notice informs parents that each school contains specific records about the location, condition and quantity of any asbestos-containing materials in the school. 

If you need further assistance or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Facilities One-Stop at 651-744-1800. 

iPhone and iPad users: Do not upgrade to iOS 7
Apple recently announced that iOS 7 will be released on September 18 for the iPhone and iPad. However, IT Services and Office of Personalized Learning have not yet been able to evaluate its compatibility with existing technology resources. Please do not install because doing so may:

  • Disrupt instruction
  • Result in data loss or service interruption
  • Result in device management issues

This will allow the SPPS IT Department and Office of Personalized Learning to carefully evaluate all changes. We will communicate our findings and give specific directions for the upgrade process by October 1. Any information related to iOS 7 will be posted on the IT website.

Wellness champions: Attend the kick off Wednesday, September 25
Join us for an update on the District Wellness Policy (533.00), learn some new ways to incorporate movement into the school or work day, and network with community resources that can help you achieve your wellness goals! Each school and administrative site should have a Wellness Committee to implement the District Wellness Policy. Non-student sites are invited to identify a Wellness Champion for the first time this year. Administrators from sites like 1930 Como, 345 Plato, 1780 W. 7th Street, 2102 University Ave. W. and 360 Colborne should designate a Wellness Champion to attend the training.

The training will be offered in the morning and afternoon of Wednesday, September 25, so register for the time frame that best fits your schedule.

  • What: A fast-paced, 90-minute school year kickoff for School and Building Wellness Champions
  • When: Wednesday, September 25
    • Session 1 – 7:30-9 a.m. (Check in and registration at 7:15 a.m.)
    • Session 2 – 3:30-5 p.m. (Check in and registration at 3:15 p.m.)
  • Where: 360 Colborne, Room B
  • How: Register online by September 23 for Wellness Champions, Session 1 ( or Session 2 (, on PD Express.

Questions? Contact Carol Grady at

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