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All staff: Volunteer as a guest reader for Freedom School students
As a guest reader, you will read to students who attend Freedom School, a summer program provided by SPPS and the Children's Defense Fund, for 5-8 minutes. You can choose reading material from a selection of multicultural short stories, poems and folk tales, and introduce or share your choice with the scholars.

Multiple opportunities are available from July 14-August 22. For more information, download the flyer.

All staff: Backup files before leaving for summer
As the end of the school year approaches, please take time to backup the important files on your computer. This will ensure that you do not lose data in case of computer failure, move or other unforeseen event.
Remember to:

  • Copy work documents to your SPPS Travel Folder / Network Folder. If you are leaving SPPS or moving to a different site, please also copy these files to an external storage device such as a USB flash drive or other external hard drive.
  • Copy pictures, videos, audio and personal documents to other external storage devices. Travel Folder capacity is limited and designed to handle smaller work files.

Complete directions for backing up your files are on the Technology Services website.

School staff: Remind graduating seniors to export SPPS Apps and Travel Folder information
Graduating seniors and other students leaving SPPS will lose access to their SPPS Apps account and network Travel Folder after July 31, 2014. Once deleted, an account and its documents cannot be recovered.

Please advise these students to export their contacts, documents and digital files from SPPS Apps and their Travel Folder before the end of the school year. Directions for exporting SPPS Apps documents and contacts are linked on the SPPS Apps Start page and the Technology Services website.

School staff: Submit 2014-15 activities to Business Office by June 5
All schools must report activities that require a permit to the Business Office every year. Please submit 2014-15 activities online no later than June 5, 2014, including any activities outside regular classroom hours, whether subject to fees or not. Call Jean Olsen with any questions at 651-767-8235.

Principals and clerks: Enter drill reports
The end of the school year is fast approaching, and the Office of Security and Emergency Management (SEM) wants to remind you to enter your drill reports via the online reporting tool. Every school year, all schools are required to complete:

  • Five fire drills
  • Five lockdowns
  • One severe weather drill

If you need assistance executing your drills or want to review your current drill totals please contact Shannon at She will be happy to help.

Teachers: Apply for S-Term jobs; job sharing available
If you are interested in working S-Term (summer school), but are only available certain dates, consider job sharing. We are looking for high school math, science, and language arts teachers. Examples of job sharing include: alternate weeks, specified days of the week, morning/afternoons. If you are interested in job sharing for Session 1 (June 16- July 10), contact Elizabeth Paone at

Teachers: Prepare classrooms for S-Term
SPPS students and staff use classroom space during Summer Term (S-Term). School year staff are reminded that resources purchased with SPPS funds are to be available to S-Term students and staff for use during the summer months. Please leave the following instructional tools and materials in a visible, readily accessible location in your classroom if your site is an S-Term site:

  • Technology resources (SMART board, desktop computer, LCD projector, document camera, cords needed to operate technology, etc.)
  • District purchased supplies (leveled books, math manipulatives, pencil sharpener, learning games/activities, scissors, etc.)

During S-Term, administrative and teaching staff use building resources responsibly. Instructional tools, materials, and teaching spaces are to be left in the same condition as they were at the beginning of S-Term.
Classroom items to be securely stored include:

  • Personal items (things purchased with teacher’s own money)
  • Consumable materials purchased with building funds for school year use (construction paper, pencils, notebooks, markers/crayons, etc.)

Please report any misuse/damage of building instructional tools, materials, or space that  occurred during S-Term to the Office of Alternative Education at 651-744-8020.

Kindergarten and Pre-K teachers and support staff: Attend professional development September 3 and 4
Professional development sessions will be held for all pre-K and kindergarten teachers and support staff on Wednesday, September 3 and Thursday, September 4, location to be determined. Breakout sessions will allow participants to choose topics of interest.

Breakout sessions will be available for sign-up on PD Express by August 4. All sessions will be listed under OEL (for the Office of Early Learning). If you have any questions about signing up for sessions, contact Suzanne at or 651-744-4856.